Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lettering Archive

   Since I’m taking three academic classes and two studio classes in which we do all of our work in class, I finally have time to focus on some projects I’ve been wanting to work on on my own.  Yesterday in my Artists’ Books class, I made this book that will be dedicated solely to my lettering designs!  I am very excited.  To all of you cray-cray, uber-dedicated book-makers out there, please forgive me, for you know that I failed to bind this book correctly. Don’t worry, I did this intentionally so that I can add and remove pages if need be.  I didn’t want to do a gorgeous, intense binding so it’d be reversible.


  1. lovely! I request that sometime in the next 105 years you teach me all the bookbinding skills you are learning!

  2. I have a request too! If i EVER get published, do the lettering for my book!