Monday, February 1, 2010


   This Saturday, I attended my first poetry reading with two poetry-minded, SAIC Writing Program pals, Caitlin and Jeni.  Since Caitlin's thesis is going to focus on the architecture of Berlin, her professor recommended that she go to this particular reading, a kind of release party for the latest issue of The Chicago Review ("55:1"), which contains work by poets from Berlin.  Two of the featured German poets were there and read from the publication in addition to a few other sources.  The reading was hosted by bookstore/cat sanctuary (okay, they only have one kit-cat, I just like the idea of a cat sanctuary), Myopic and it was as stereotypical as can be.  The sound was no good, the chairs were mismatched and uncomfortable, one of the readers' reading style was similar to William Shatner's speaking style and nearly everyone in attendance was wearing an article of black clothing.  That being said, I enjoyed the two German poets' work and the general atmosphere was nice–everyone was supportive and encouraging and the bookstore is very cozy but happenin' sort of place.  

   After the reading, we went to Sultan's Market for falafel sandwiches, one of the best inventions since the Q-Tip.  Although I must admit I prefer Oasis' ware, Sultan's Market makes a mean pocket o' love, and we ate quickly and happily while being lulled into an almost meditative state by the restaurant's music selection (one of our faves took us back to '96: The Fugee's Killing Me Softly).

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