Saturday, December 12, 2009


   I'm incredibly disappointed.
   I've been looking forward to seeing the SAIC Advanced Fibers group show, Ano Viejo, all semester, but alas, last night during the the opening reception, I was in the Artist's Books studio, chipping away at the big assed block that is my final project and was unable to attend.  I wanted to go support two of my loveliest friends, Alex "Ziggy" Miller and Alex Zak, as they'd been working all semester to create epic-sounding pieces.  Ziggy made artifacts (and means of which displaying them) from a fictional archeological dig and A. Zak created an installation  consisting of a hand-crafted log cabin and several looped video pieces.  
   I'm so proud of both of them and am so annoyed that I couldn't get to the Tom Robinson Gallery to check thangs out.   As my brother Aaron sometimes says audibly, "sigh." 
   You're in my thoughts, fellas, for  you've each accomplished a feat of badassery and I'm more than proud of and inspired by you.

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