Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jarry and Jerry

  About two months ago, my friend Brandon Kosters* called me to tell me that a quickly-written show proposal he'd submitted to the Gorilla Tango Theatre had been selected as part of an experimental performance series.  For the past eight weeks, Brandon has been busy writing a script and the music for his puppet rock opera inspired by the work of Alfred Jarry.  His friend, Scott Nadeau and I have both contributed things to the script and a lovely assortment of builders, musicians and performers have worked hard to realize this hour-long production.  

Towards the Sun! will run for two nights only at the Gorilla Tango Theatre:
Monday, December 7th at 9:30 p.m
Monday, December 14th at 9:30 p.m.   

You can buy tickets for $10 here.

I am warning you now: this show isn't for everybody.  When Brandon was writing the script, he told us he was replacing every use of "shit" with "cunt" because "'shit' isn't shocking anymore."  If you decide to come, do not bring baybays, itty, bitty boo-boos, or other chitlins, this ain't appropriate for 'em.

*   I met B to the K, K in Blair Thomas' Puppetry and Performance class last fall.  Over the course of this year, we've talked about working together on various projects, but all this talk 'tain't never amounted to anything, until this past August when Brandon called my ass on the telephone, explaining that he'd written to the producers of the Jerry Springer Show with some cray-cray idea for a show and that they'd bitten and wanted to get in contact with him and the other people involved in his "real life" scenario so they could put 'em on the show.  Brandon then told me what he had in mind.  He would play a student that worked at his college paper by day and become a super hero at night.  I would play his girlfriend, a nice young lady on whom he's cheating with not only my adopted Chinese sister, but also a colorful array of amateur superheroes.  We'd go on the show so that Brandon could come clean with me about his psychosexual issues.  For several weeks, the JSS production staff strung BK along, gathering his cohorts' contact information and talking to the dudes cast as Brandon's various lovers.  Eventually, Brandon got a call from one of these fair fellows who told BK that he thought he might've fucked up.  When a JSS producer called this fellow up, he'd gotten a tad carried away with his story and ended up telling them about his cavorting with masochistic little people.
   The producers didn't call Brandon after that.

   Even though we never got to go (and I'm kind of glad we didn't- it would have been cray-cray), I'm not sure that anyone could flatter me more than Brandon did by having so much faith in my acting ability that he thought I could go on the JSS.  Plus, I can tell this story for the rest of m' days, which is pretty much all I need to be happy.

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