Saturday, December 5, 2009

GG and B&B

  After the glorious Groening|Barry talk, I went to another Chicago Humanities Festival event: the Guerrilla Girls talk.  As you might imagine, 'twas glorious.  Them ladies is a buncha powahouses.  Here's the response comic I made after the talk.

   In other news:

   Two weeks ago, a gaggle of us went to see my friend Jeni's work in the Self Portraits show at the  barbara&barbara gallery featuring:
I couldn't locate websites for everyone, sowwy.

   I really liked most of the work and was really impressed by the good chunk of technically-focused paintings and drawings that made up the show.  I rarely see really proficient oil paintings at hip, happenin' art shows these days, so seeing oils at the show that I confused for photographs was really satisfying.  Aside from the great drawings and paintings, there was a pretty nice array of other media represented including fibers, photography and collage.  Even though the work was so diverse, its physical arrangement was really successful, which made the show flow really well.  I think b&b did a nice job of making the whole presentation really harmonious.  

   Even though I'm more of a audiobook-listenin', movie-watchin' homebody who prefers small dinner 'n' board game parties to loud-assed jamborees, I enjoyed the DJ's set.  I was yelling the whole time I was conversin' with my friend Ziggyface, but a bowl of Warheads distracted us from feeling frustrated in any way.   

   The barbara&barbara gallery is a teeny, tiny little space but it's got a mighty 'tude.  It's cozy, has a backyard and shows good work.  The only negative thing I have to say is that it's not located in the most convenient of all places.  I mean, I'm used to trekking out to the weird-ass edges of the city where there are only warehouses for as far as the eye can see to get to little theatres, so relatively, it's not that hard to find, but getting there in the dark when you don't know the area all that well (I've only been there twice- both times at night) can be sorta tricky.

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